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old vs new princess zelda hair piece by carblecca
old vs new princess zelda hair piece
big change id say X3 the old one was foam with a glued on bobby pin and the new one is model magic with a wooden chopstick actually for the hair thing  
zelda crown: new vs old by carblecca
zelda crown: new vs old
Again why did I wear THAT OLD THING, IT CANT EVEN STAND ON ITS OWN! x.x So embarrassing 
zelda amor: new vs old by carblecca
zelda amor: new vs old
I recently worked on my new princess armor and all I can say is "Why did I wear that?" to my old armor. So much improvement! 
He continues “ the people who run the government in the real world are realist that don’t believe in this stuff so they cant even enter a little bit. That’s why people who make videos games are in charge in a way we make dreams a reality you see? But the reason you haven’t aged is simple the players matched with you, where not really sure why its like that either. But now for the fun part. I talked to the other companies and where not going to even bother hiding you from Natalie she will notice you no mater what. Usually people who end up coming hear are just hired hands in the end but you will grow….Water take her to the old castle where her player was found, take care of her and do what she asks you are her guardian for life now she is now your contract not us any more. Now miss ris one last thing” he takes my hand and puts on what looks like a kind of cellphone thing I put on my ear. “ This is a communicator or cell phone I guess but just contact me or the other two companies if u need us we will always help. Now go you two I know something will happen with you” Water took my hand and lead me back outside as fast as possible. He then let go and grew what look like angle wings. They were huge and reminded me of the Swans I’d use to see when my mom took me out to the park when I was younger. “ Your beautiful….” Oh snap did that just come out? Oops…he just smiled and randomly picked me up bridle style and stared to fly. It was night and you could see every star in the sky. The moon was full and lit up the earth below us. The temperature was cool and I could feel the wind in my hair…this place really dose feel real….I could stay here forever….run away to some mobile land in my dreams…yeah….life’s not that easy but that’s life… water then lands nicely on the ground and puts me down. A big old rundown castle that is crumbling stands in front of me. “This is your home. And where Natalie found your players body. Do what you will with it…” I turn to water “ This is where I live?” There’s nothing to live in its collapsing on itself, now there really messing with me “ and wait Water you said your 105 years old just to clear my head of that explanation…” he walked up to the castle and picked up a piece of the ruble “ Well I am truly 105 years old. You enter escape threw your dreams so I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 19 on day I logged on here I never logged off…” I see so he died in his sleep…poor guy at least he’s still alive here though.

Username: water

age: 105

sex: male I think

current power: guardian

current threat: 0/10

Speaking of life how do I get back to the real world I wonder. “ Water is there away to get back to the real world?” he looked at me sharply “ just fall asleep here and you’ll wake up there. Wail your gone ill work on the castle” he said calmly. I preferred not to sleep on the ground but I did any way and found myself blinking with a controller in my hand along with a head set with my friends talking to each other in it. I took off my headset and turned off my Xbox to find it is 5:43 in the morning, I was supposed to go to bed at 1:00 am. Oh well.

Page 5
Water opened a door and led me in and locked the door behind us and let go of my arm. I look around the room. There’s a big window that covers a whole wall and the room is very spacious with a nice bed with a canopy. Something you’d see in a fairytale book, just modernized. Water sighed heavily and sits in front of the door with his head down. He sat there silently. I walked back over to him and sit in front of him. His eyes where closed it looked like he was sleeping but he spoke quietly to me.
“You must be confused beyond measure, Ris. How old are you, if I may ask?” “Fifteen, you?”
He chuckles “ Hmm 105.” I couldn’t help going onto the floor and nearly die of laughter “Hahahahaha ok sure and I’m Yoda.”
He smiles, and shakes his head slightly “What do you think Escape is Miss Ris?” “What do I think it is? Well, I’m not sure any more, from what I’ve read and heard, Escape is supposed to be some paradise that only a game or something.”
His smile grew bigger “Oh how wrong you are my dear, this is no mere game. Let me ask you this. Are your fingers moving? Are you looking at a screen right now? What does this feel like to you?”
What is this, am I just in the gaming zone? Yeah I can log off… or can’t… I… What the hell is this!  “It feels real I don’t know how else to describe it. I can’t see anything else, this body feels like my body, what is going on?” A knocking comes from the door behind Water. Water then got up and moved as did I and the man from the head of the table came walking in and shut the door behind him. “ I’m very sorry for your confusion miss Ris, I’m the head of the Sony cooperation my name is Edward but you can just call me Sony like every one else. You are in a world that many call escape, this is no ordinary game with levels and experience points, this place has game like functions but I myself don’t qualify it as one. Unlike videos games you don’t pick up a remote and press the start button on your Xbox. This place is made out of memory core the substance in witch your daydreams and regular night dreams are made out of, right now after you got your invite your currently daydreaming. The three main gaming companies run escape. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft our jobs are to send out invites and decrypt hosts into their proper player bodies safely. Then there are the higher powers and then the person that actually runs this place Natalie which I hope you never get noticed by her. As for why you are so special is not on your gaming skills Ris. Unfortunately we don’t not know who sent you that invite or why you’re in this player’s body but you are and it’s a perfect match.  Your players body is one of the oldest in all of escape so far we know your body is over 500 years old.” I cut him off “Wait what this is a dream? Ok this is a realm ok ill believe that then why isn’t the government in charge? And if I’m 500 years old why dose my body look my age?”

Page 4
hey brothers and sisters! guess what time it is!!!!!!!! OTAKON IS 12 DAYS AWAY MY DEARS AND AS USAUL i want to know who will be going ^.^. this year im cosplay princess zelda and a cyber wii bubble goth! i cant wait for whats instore this year at otakon. please leave a comment below if you are going thx <3
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hiya im carblecca/careless im a vary different " go with the flow " kinda gal...i love music of all kinds its a wonderful beautiful peace of art in this world that expresses so much emotion whit such beauty...i love to cosplay and dress in vireos Gothic fashions, i am a jewelry disiner and plane to be a Professional fashion disiner for the darker side of fashion only like cybergoth/goth/punk/lolita you name it ^.^....i mostly upload poems for the love of making them ^.^ ummmm i love to cosplay :D its so much fun to go to cons :3 i cosplay ceil in a dress,ada wong,lord ghirahim,and soon teaming from shinee.....( please dont ask well thats me to a T ^.^
Current Residence: a castle
Favourite genre of music: piano music is my top fave but im kinda everywhere :p
Favourite style of art: dark
MP3 player of choice: ipod classic and a epic walkman
Favourite cartoon character: lord ghirham
Personal Quote: " every thing will be ok...."
Favorite song:1# black black heart by David usher 2# flying high by dj splash 3# angle tears by Adrianvon Ziegler

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